Project Title Ultraman
Release Date 2024
Role Music Editor
Directors Shannon Tindle & John Aoshima (co-director)
Composer Scot Stafford
Producers Tom Knott, Sean M. Murphy, Lisa M. Poole
Studios Netflix & Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
Production website www.netflix.com
IMDb imdb.com/title/tt9471678

Netflix is partnering with Tsuburaya Productions to develop Ultraman as a CG-animated feature film aiming to bring the long-running Japanese superhero franchise – inspiring all manner of global pop culture for the past 55 years, from Power Rangers to Ant-Man’s suit – to a new, wider audience. Ultraman first appeared in the eponymous 1966 live-action series created by Eiji Tsuburaya, the special effects legend who also helped create Godzilla. 

Ultraman will be directed by Emmy Award winner Shannon Tindle teaming up writing with Marc Haimes, with whom he previously wrote the Academy Award-nominated Animation Feature Kubo And The Two Strings. Emmy Award nominee John Aoshima will be co-directing.